The Results are in on the 2001 Video Premiere Awards

The winners have been announced for this year’s Video Premiere Awards, for which DVD Review served as judges among other industry representatives, and it looks like consumers have a lot to look forward to considering the number of discs which haven’t even hit shelves yet. And the winners are.

Best Live Action Video Premiere Movie: 100

Best Animated Video Premiere Movie: Barbie
in the Nutcracker

Best Overall New Extra Features (New Release):
Into the Arms of Strangers

Best Overall New Extra Features (Library
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Best Original Retrospective Documentary:
Cleopatra: The Film that Changed Hollywood

Best New, Enhanced or Reconstructed Movie
Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Best Animated Character Performance:
Scamp (“Lady and the Tramp II”)

Best Actor: Michael Gross (“Tremors

Best Actress: Porita Realer (“Keepin’ it

Best Supporting Actor: Jack Palance
(“Prancer Returns”)

Best Supporting Actress: Linda Hamilton

Best Original Song: “If You Believe”
(“Prancer Returns”)

Best Audio Commentary: Roger Ebert
(“Citizen Kane”)

Best Director: Doug Campbell (“The
Tomorrow Man”)

Best Screenplay: Roger Nygard and Joe

Best Original Score: Randy Miller and
Kristin Wilkinson
(“Prancer Returns”)

Best Cinematography: Garett Griffin
(“The Riff”)

Best Visual Effects: Jamison Scott Goei
(“Mimic 2”)

Best Editing: Kevin D. Ross (100

Best DVD Menu Design: Star Wars: Episode I –
The Phantom Menace

Best Internet Video Premiere: Star

Two special awards were given out during the evening including the Video Premiere Pioneer Award which went to Louis Feola and the Video Premiere Academy of Artistic Acheivment Award which went to The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride.

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