The Force topples the Mummy in it’s opening week

After reigning for a total of two weeks as the biggest selling title in its first week, The Mummy Returns has lost the crown to this week’s release of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. The new title pulled in $45 million in its first week selling over 2.2 million units. These numbers edge out the 2 million units and $41 million mark set two weeks ago.

Market analysts predict that these and other records are about to be repeatedly broken in the coming Christmas shopping months with five million new players in the home since last holiday season. For the record though, even the tremendous sales figures of “The Phantom Menace” DVD can’t compare to the VHS market for the title last year, where the first installment in the “Star Wars” saga pulled in more than $100 million in two days selling over 5 million units.

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