Queer as Folk is coming out on DVD

The new popular and controversial Showtime television program Queer as Folk has drawn both strong praise and strong criticism since its release. Viewers without Showtime will be able to make their own decision next year when the twenty-two episode first season comes to DVD.

Queer as Folk is about the lives of a group of gay men and women living in Pittsburgh who, like anyone, are focused on their relationships, careers, loves and ambitions. The series is a realistic, funny and sometimes graphic portrayal of a minority community living in present-day society. It’s not West Hollywood, it’s not the Castro and it’s not Chelsea. It may be a small world – a gay Main Street with a couple of bars, a disco, a few shops and a diner – but its reverberations are universal. “Queer as Folk” is an unapologetic celebration of life in its varied forms. And as always, in the differences we discover the similarities that make us all human.

The “Queer as Folk” Special Edition DVD Collectors Box will feature almost three hours of extra materials including special editions of episodes 1, 11 and 18 with actor and producer commentary , A gag reel of outtakes , extended scenes with introduction by actor Hal Sparks, a sneak peek at Season Two, “Meet the Folk” – unique biographies on the eight key characters as described by the actors playing them, as well as filmographies on the actors and producers. Also in the set is a photo gallery show bumpers, DVD-ROM content, and “At a Glance”, a guide to the content on each disc.

The impressive set for the young series will be available on January 8th and will carry a suggested retail price of $119.98.

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