Movie Mask makes DVD more interactive than ever

Trilogy Studios, a Salt Lake City based corporation has announced the development of a new software application which will take the interactive control of DVD to a new paradigm. Movie Mask will allow users to alter content, ratings, or video not on new DVDs created around the software, but retroactively on eventually all DVDs.

The new software, which will work on any next-generation player, meaning one with memory capability and, preferably, Internet connectivity, including PCs, Macintosh computers, PlayStation 2s and Xbox systems and several traditional players. Movie Mask’s first version, preparing for a release early next year, will add a column to the side of the display allowing viewers to gather more information on the discs they are watching. The several options given to the viewer allow on-the-fly editing of disc content in many ways. The film’s rating may be adjusted by removing swearing, nudity, violence etc. In many cases, the edited scenes can be replaced with toned down or re-edited version accessible from Trilogy Studio’s library online. Additional options include redrawing lip movement to match dubbing of films in foreign languages However, for Movie Mask to work, Trilogy first has to create edited versions of DVD movies to provide the information the software taps into. The company hopes to have 500 titles prepared in time for the product launch with additional titles constantly being added.

Since the technology is not limited to the content of the DVD, future versions will have more and more capabilities, culminating in the ability for viewers to digitally impose their heads on stars’ bodies. Viewers will also be able to make a request for a particular change to a movie they’d like to see at Trilogy’s website.

Movie Mask is expected to retail for about $35.95. The developer’s tools, which will allow users to create their own edited versions of DVDs, are scheduled for release in summer 2002 for less than $300.

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