Make yourself heard in the American Pie 2 Poll

You want pie? We got pie! This year’s $145 million summer blockbuster, American Pie 2, will make its home video debut in 2002, but before that, Universal Studios Home Video is offering fans the unprecedented chance to actually determine DVD content by participating in the American Pie Poll, hosted exclusively on MSN.

Beginning Tuesday, October 9, visitors to MSN Entertainment may view ten hilarious scenes from both “American Pie” and “American Pie 2” and vote on their favorite. Real-time results will be tallied 24/7, so all visitors are encouraged to vote early and vote often! After the voting has closed on October 19, Universal Studios Home Video will take the funniest scene – as determined by the fans–and will create exclusive DVD bonus features based on the results.

If anyone finds the actual poll anywhere on that side, make sure to let me know where it is, because after visiting MSN it was impossible to find anything on that cluttered site, let away an American Pie 2 Poll.

Well, some valiant readers actually locate dthe poll and here is a link directly to the page where you can make your voice heard.

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