Losing Aaliyah is coming to DVD later this year

Music Video Distributors just announced plans to release the documentary Losing Aaliyah on DVD later this year.

Aaliyah made a permanent mark on the R&B and Hip-Hop music culture and its fans. This 60 minute documentary film (without music) is a tribute to her and the years of joy that she brought to millions of people all over the world. Aaliyah was more than a singer and actress, she touched the hearts and tugged the soul of each and everyone who knew her.

The documentary features testimonies of those who loved Aaliyah and now mourn her loss. Upon her passing, we must remember not the tragedy that took her away, but the everlasting happiness and peace that marked her life. Her albums, movies, videos, concerts, and many appearances will forever be remembered as we took a look at Aaliyah’s astounding, although too brief career.

“Losing Aaliyah” will be be released on November 11 at a suggested retail rpice of $19.95.

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