Further details on Twin Peaks

Since the announcement of the David Lynch series Twin Peaks, news on the upcoming release was in many ways a mirror of the show itself – elusive. But as the release date draws nearer, more clues have been uncovered.

Presented in fullscreen the entire first season will be included with the exception of the pilot due to rights issues. The remaining episodes will have the option of 5.1 Dolby Digital or DTS soundtracks. Many episodes will have the additional audio option of director’s commentaries, though it is unknown which episodes will contain them. Interviews with the cast, archival materialsfrom the “Wrapped In Plastic” fan magazine, and the popular “Log Lady” introductions which proceeded episodes during the show’s cable television run.

Still scheduled for a December 4th release date, the set will carry a retail price of $49.95. That should leave just enough change in your pocket for another fine cup of coffee.

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