Columbia TriStar releases Following

2000’s creative film-noir thriller “Memento” introduced many viewers to the frenetic directorial style of British newcomer Christopher Nolan. Far less people have seen Nolan’s initial film outing with the independent black and white psychological thriller Following. Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment has responded to new interest in the director and his first film with a new DVD release coming this December.

An unemployed aspiring “writer” Bill (Jeremy Theobald) has a peculiar hobby, Shadowing strangers at random in the streets of London. When Cobb (Alex Haw), a man Bill has been following, catches him in the act, Bill is drawn into Cobb’s world of breaking into flats and prying into the personal lives of their victims. In Bob, Bill finds a strange companion – part mentor, part confessor and part evil twin. With an ingenious structure that involves flash forwards and doubling back, the film tests our knowledge and understanding just as the protagonist is being duped into an elaborate triple-cross.

“Following” is presented in its original black and white fullscreen ratio and boasts both Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby Surround 2.0 sound. The DVD contains a director’s audio commentary, second angles with Christopher Nolan’s shooting script. An interesting feature included on the non-linear film is the ability to restructure and watch the story chronologically. Rounding out the disc will be filmographies and theatrical trailers.

Coming on December 11th, “Following” will carry a suggested retail price of $24.95. Pick it up and watch it three or four times to pick up all the details.

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