CinePlayer DVD 4.0 available for Windows XP

Ravisent Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: RVST), a software and intellectual property licensing company, today announces the availability of the CinePlayer DVD 4.0 for Windows XP via the Ravisent retail site.

Offering a unique solution for decoding DVD, CinePlayer DVD 4.0 for XP decodes Video CD and MPEG-2 video streams, as well as CD audio, Dolby Digital AC-3, LPCM, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 digital audio formats. CinePlayer DVD 4.0 is compliant with DirectShow, DirectX 6.0, DirectX 8.0, Advanced Power Management (APM) and Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI).

CinePlayer DVD 4.0 offers a new Player application with an expandable control panel, multi-channel audio S/PDIF support, and Aspect/Anamorphic Zooms that add to the quality of the DVD experience. An enhanced ‘HD’ Video Decoder extracts the smallest detail from MPEG digital video using math intensive optimized 8 bit IDCT decode, and can faithfully display High Definition resolutions as high as HDTV’s highest resolution, 1080I.

Additionally, it offers a new modularized architecture that is tightly integrated into Microsoft’s DirectShow multimedia framework, maximizing the new capabilities of DirectX and Windows XP such as DirectX Video Acceleration and the Video Mixer Renderer.

An Audio Decoder that is compatible with both VXD and WDM audio drivers further enhances the compatibility. CinePlayer DVD’s modularized DirectShow filter architecture and Auto-Detection is ideal for robust compatibility with Windows DirectX and a broad range of VGA/audio devices.

Existing users of the Ravisent CineMaster DVD decoder will be able to upgrade to CinePlayer DVD 4.0 for XP for $29.95 and take advantage of the new features and enhanced functionality. New users can purchase the CinePlayer DVD 4.0 for $49.95. CinePlayer 4.0 promises to deliver an experience that will provide a completely new digital video and audio playback from their desktop. CinePlayer DVD 4.0 is also supported on Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, and Windows Millennium. PC users can purchase the CinePlayer DVD 4.0 for any of the above operating systems today and be assured that as they migrate to Windows XP operating system, CinePlayer DVD 4.0 will be compatible with their Windows XP system.

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