Buffy the Vampire Slayer is finally on her way to DVD

After much anticipation from its fans and a European only release, the current current cult-favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer is finally heading to DVD and the shows fans shouldn’t be disappointed with the extensive care put into the package by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete First Season will come as a complete set with all twelve first season episodes and some exciting extras.

Buffy is sixteen years old and faces all the problems any sixteen year old must face, plus a few others, like killing the undead. After gaining a bad reputation at her old high school for burning down the gym, (it was filled with vampires after all), she must make a freh start at her new school and suburban California town. At first, her only friend is the slightly eccentric school librarian who knows that Buffy is the “chosen one”. Although Buffy stays away at first, she soon comes to realize that he is the only one who can help her meet her destiny.
Each disc in the set will contain four episodes in their original fullscreen ratio and some bonus materials to accompany the episodes. Disc one contains the episodes Welcome to Hellmouth (3/3/97), The Harvest (3/10/97), The Witch (3/17/97) and Teacher’s Pet (3/24/97). Extras on the disc include a full length commentary on “Welcome to Hellmouth” by Joss Whedon, an exclusive interview with Joss Whedon and David Boreanaz, Joss Whedon discusses “Welcome to Hellmouth” and “The Harvest”, the original pilot script, a Buffy trailer and DVD-ROM links to Buffy Web sites.

Disc two comes with the episodes Never Kill a Boy on the First Date (3/31/97), The Pack (4/7/97), Angel (4/14/97) and I Robot. You Jane (4/28/97). The disc will also contain discussions with Whedon about “The Witch” and “Never Kill a Boy on the first Date” and a photo gallery.

The final disc will contain the episodes The Puppet Show (5/5/97), Nightmares (5/12/97), Out of Mind, Out of Sight (5/19/97) and Prophesy Girl as well as discussions on the episodes “Angel” and “Puppet Show” and biographies.

The entire set will be available on January 15th of next year. The entire first season will carry the suggested retail price of $39.98.

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