ADV Films brings Orphen: Ruins & Relics to DVD

ADV Films has set the street date of November 27th, 2001 for the DVD release of Orphen: Ruins & Relics.

As the search for the dragon Azalie continues, Orphen and his friends travel to a mysterious island in a sea of lost ships. While there, they discover a magical ring that holds the key to release the legendary dragon. Unfortunately, a rat gets in the way – and we’re not talking the devious troll, Volcan! Speaking of Volcan, as he and his cohort Dortin find a giant Golem, it appears they finally have a weapon capable of facing Orphen and his allies. However, the devilish duo aren’t the only enemies Orphen has in the City of Canals. Orphen’s old friend Stephanie has accidentally unleashed an evil Doll that lives for one purpose and one purpose alone . . . to destroy Orphen!

The DVD, which is scheduled for release on November 27, will contain the film in a fullframe presentation with its original Japanese language track, as well as an English dub and English subtitles. The DVD will also include production sketches, “textless” end credits, as well as previews of upcoming ADV releases.

“Orphen: Ruins & Relics” will be available on November 27 and carry a suggested retail price of $29.98.

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