Touchstone is booking a Sister Act

When the Whoopi Goldberg sequel “Sister Act 2” came to DVD almost two years ago, many assumed its predecessor would be close on its heels, but the original was nowhere to be found – until now. The musical comedy Sister Act will be coming to disc this fall at last.

Deloris Van Carter, a Reno lounge singer, witnesses a mob hit and is placed quickly in the witness protection program as a nun. The drastic lifestyle change is a little hard to swallow for Deloris, who although popular with the sisters, can’t quite adjust to the life of a cleric. The Mother Superior tries to ease the transition by placing her newest nun in charge of the church choir, allowing Deloris to practice music. But the church choir quickly becomes the only kind of choir a lounge singer knows – a swinging one. The popularized music isn’t very popular with Mother Superior, but is becoming increasingly popular with the community as everyone realizes that praise comes in many forms.

The singing dancing nuns will look sharper than ever with a new anamorphic widescreen transfer and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround mix. In addition to a theatrical trailer, the DVD will also contain Inside Sister Act, a production featurette from the films original release and several music videos of the songs features in the movie.

“Sister Act” will join its sequel on DVD this November 6th.

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