Show me the Special Edition of Jerry Maguire

Apparently riding the ticket of Cameron Crowe’s popularity in Hollywood, Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment has announced a new Special Edition of one of their earliest DVD releases, perhaps the only movie to be listed under both the romance and football genres, Jerry Maguire.

Tom Cruise gives one of his best performances as a sports agent who suddenly discovers his scruples – and promptly loses his job. But with the help of one loyal colleague and one outrageous client, Jerry Maguire learns that loving well is the best revenge.

Sadly, although the new disc will be a special edition, absolutely no information on the title is available at present. Rest assured more information will be posted here as it becomes available. What is known is that the new DVD will come before the end of the year on December 4th, and will carry a suggested retail price of $27.95.

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