Paramount tests the waters for future Trek DVDs

Star Trek DVDs have been good to Paramount Home Entertainment. With the last film coming this December, and the original series almost completely available on disc, the studio is finally looking towards its other Star Trek franchises for eventual release. The process for determining the contents and marketing the discs has begun by going to those who know Trek best, the fans.

Paramount has put a new survey on the Official Star Trek Website asking for input on possible future Trek television series on DVD. The survey is primarily focused on “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, but also solicits opinions on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”, “Star Trek: Voyager” and even the short-lived “Star Trek: The Animated Series”. Most questions focus on the idea of releasing the series as season by season boxed sets similar to Fox’s “X-Files” sets, but also test the ideas of individually released discs similar to the original “Star Trek” or best-of collections. Supplements are also a topic of the survey.

Any fans interested in the eventual release of the Star Trek series on DVD might be interested in strolling over to the Star Trek website and taking the new survey.

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