Submitted by Bracken MacLeod

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment’s DVD release of the thriller “Memento” contains an interesting hidden feature.

From the disc’s main menu, go to the “Special Features.” Here, select the entry “Memento” and you will get to a newspaper page featuring select words that slowly fade in and out. Highlighting each fading word takes you to another part of the original website. However, if you move over to the word “Questions” in the title of the article – it barely fades in and out – you’ll see that there’s scribbled underlining there. Click and you’ll see a scrap of paper reading: “who did I kill?”

Click the arrow that leads to the right and you’ll be taken to a list of names. Click almost any name and you’ll get sent back to the article. However, if you click the name “Teddy” you’ll be taken to a credits screen for the people who worked on the DVD.

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