Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane

Submitted by Matt Brunson and Chris Lynch

Warner Home Video’s spectacular release of Orson Welles’ masterpiece “Citizen Kane” also contains some hidden features.

Insert the first disc from the set and from the Main Menu, go to the “Special Features.” Once you get there, press the “Right” arrow on your remote control to highlight the sled. Now, press “Enter” and you have the chance to view a 5-minute interview with Ruth Warrick, who played Emily Norton Kane – Charles Foster Kane’s first wife, in which she reminisces about her experiences making the classic film.

Another hidden feature can be found in the “Production Notes” on the disc. From there, select “On The Set” to see a series of text screens. When oyu get to the one that has information about the “News On The March” segment, you will see another sled in the background. Press the “Up” arrow key on your remote, followed by “Enter” and you will be treated to a 3 1/2 minute interview with acclaimed director Robert Wise as he recalls several interesting moments from his involvement, as Film Editor, with the film.

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