A trio of action films on the way from Columbia TriStar

Columbia TriStar is keeping the action titles coming with three adventures coming to DVD this winter. The cult favorite Space Hunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone, jungle adventure Sheena and the Chuck Norris martial arts flick Silent Rage. Will make their digital premiere later this year.

In 2136, Wolff answers a distress signal from Terra Eleven and agrees to rescue three beautiful maidens from a plague-ridden planet in “Space Hunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone”. When the women are kidnapped by henchmen of Overdog, the wicked half-man/half-machine who rules the planet, Wolff takes off in hot pursuit. As he challenges assorted monsters and mutants, circumstances throw Wolff together with Nikki, a spunky waif who agrees to guide him to Overdog’s scrap metal kingdom.

“Space Hunter” is presented in its original widescreen aspect ratio as well as a fullscreen ratio and is presented in its original Dolby 4.0 sound. In addition to the film, the DVD will also contain an original featurette on the making and history of the film.

Long before Gena Lee Nolin donned the minimal gear of Sheena, Tanya Roberts pulled on the fuzzy britches of the legendary queen of the jungle in this thrilling adventure in deepest, darkest parts of Africa. When young Sheena’s parents are killed on Safari, she is taken in by the mystical African tribe and raised by the witch woman. When Sheena is reconfronted to the modern world, she must call on her ability to talk with the animals to overcome the technology of the mercenaries who would destroy her new tribe.

“Sheena” is presented in 2-Channel Dolby Surround with an anamorphic widescreen and a fullscreen transfer. The original theatrical trailer for the film is also found on the disc.

Six-time World Karate Champ Chuck Norris stars in “Silent Rage” as a tough, street-fighting sheriff in a small Texas town terrorized by a psychotic, man-made creature.

Like the “Space Hunter” and “Sheena”, “Silent Rage” is presented anamorphic widescreen as well as in fullscreen. The DVD features the film’s original mono soundtrack, but is otherwise featureless.

All three films will be priced at $19.95 and will be in stores in December just in time to fill your holiday season with adventure.

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