Twin Peaks makes a welcome arrival

Grab a cup of coffee and invite the Log Lady over. David Lynch’s eccentric television opus is finally on its way to the digital realm. Artisan Entertainment has worked out all the details to bring Twin Peaks: First Season to DVD this winter.

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper is sent on assignment to investigate the murder of a girl in a small simple town where such things aren’t commonplace. The town of Twin Peaks does however hold many secrets, and agent Cooper soon realizes that presence in Twin Peaks is not to find the killer of young Laura Palmer, but to become entangled in an ethereal battle between good and evil.

Still several months off, very few details are available on the upcoming DVD set, but the information available is exciting. The original fullscreen video presentation of the program will be perked up with DTS audio. This marks one of the first television series to be remastered for DVD. Additionally, audio commentary will be provided by series creator David Lynch for some or all of the episodes. Of course, it would be antithecal for anything “Twin Peaks” related not to raise more questions than it answers. Specifically, whether or not the pilot episode will be included, if it will include the original ending, and whether any deleted scenes or other goodies will make it to disc. As December approaches however, these questions will surely be answered and posted here.

“Twin Peaks: First Season” is coming on December 4th. Until then, fans of the series will have to sit back, have a slice of fine cherry pie, and wait.

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