Shrek gets a massive special edition from DreamWorks

DreamWorks Home Video’s first foray into the computer animated realm was the surprisingly mature film “Antz” which was a great departure from the typical fairy-tale animated films which preceded it. Their second film took a much more satirical lampoon at the fairy-tales of old with the ogre-meets-princess story Shrek. Despite already having a reputation for top-notch special editions, Dreamworks has outdone themselves with an innovative and interactive special edition DVD.

Everyone knows that a captive princess dreams of nothing but a handsome prince to save her from the monsters of the world. But the princess of this story is confounded when her savior turns out to be a smelly ogre by the name of Shrek. The princess has difficulty with her guardian, but soon comes to realize the age old wisdom that true beauty lies in the soul, not the appearance.

“Shrek” will be packaged as a deluxe two-disc set featuring some exciting features. Presented with an anamorphic widescreen transfer, the film will feature a three minute extended ending created exclusively for the DVD which can be accessed while watching the film, a director’s audio commentary, behind-the-scenes and Tech of Shrek featurettes, storyboard pitch will help explore the creation of the photorealistic movie. The set will also include X-Box game-playing hints, hidden fun facts, computer glitch outtakes and technical goofs, a progression reel, character stills, production notes, bios, and theatrical trailers. A Kids Area of the disc will include read-alongs, music videos and several games including Rescue the Princess, Decorate the Gingerbread Man, and Character Morph. Most interestingly is some involved DVD-ROM content. Breaking away from traditional web page and script content, “Shrek” will several full running interactive programs including Shrek’s Revoice Studio which will allow users to record their own voice into scenes from the film.

This impressive two-disc package will be available on DVD on November 2nd. Hop on your donkey and ride out to pick up a copy.

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