Jackie Chan gets even more animated

Any film featuring stuntman extraordinaire Jackie Chan is sure to be filled with eye-popping action sequences, but now even the laws of physics can’t stop Jackie as he assumes an animated form. The Hong Kong star’s own animated series is making its way to DVD through Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

The animated program Jackie Chan Adventures follows Jackie Chan as an expert archeologist recruited by a covert government agency to uncover an ancient conspiracy, led by an evil crime family known as The Dark Hand. With the help of his feisty 11-year-old niece Jade, Jackie embarks on a global quest to recover 12 magical talismans which have been scattered around the world – powerful artifacts representing signs of the Chinese zodiac, each one possessing amazing magical powers. These dangerous assignments send Jackie into a pulse-pounding race against time as a crime ring of martial arts experts try to stop him at every turn.

The DVD will feature three episodes of the series:
The Dark Hand:

After returning from an expedition with a rare artifact, Jackie is recruited by his old friend Captain Black and the covert government agency, Section 13. He soon finds himself in a race against the crime syndicate The Dark Hand to obtain twelve magical talismans and discover their powers. Jackie though, finds his greatest challenge will be caring for his 11-year-old niece who has just arrived from Hong Kong.

The Power Within

After Jackie lectures Jade about finding the “power within,” Jade Unwittingly swallows the Rooster Talisman. The Dark Hand soon track the talisman to Jade, who discovers she has attained the power of telekinesis. Now as Tohru prepares to remove the talisman from her stomach, Jade must literally harness the “power within” in order to save Jackie and herself.

The Mask of El Toro Fuerte

The trail to the next talisman leads Jackie and Jade to the Yucatan. There Jade befriends a boy named Paco, who encourages Jackie and Jade to see his hero. El Toro Fuerte, “Mexico’s mightiest wrestler.” After El Toro easily defeats Jackie in the ring, Jackie realizes El Toro wears the Ox Talisman on his mask, giving him the power of super strength. The Dark Hand appears and overwhelm El Toro, leaving Paco distraught. Jackie must figure a way to retrieve the talisman and restore Paco’s faith in his hero.

“Jackie Chan Adventures” will contain its original fullscreen transfer and stereo sound. The disc will be available for $19.95 on October 16th.

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