Fox lets Tom Green loose in Freddy Got Fingered

MTV poster child and current king of sophomoric wit, Tom Green launched his feature film debut this year with the gross-out comedy Freddy Got Fingered. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has prepared a handsome package for the film when it premieres on DVD this fall.

When 28 year old wannabe animator Gord Brody leaves the safety of his parents’ home to make it big in Hollywood, all hell breaks loose… in hospital rooms, with parapalegic nymphos, in a cheese factory, with farm animals… and much more!

“Freddy Got Fingered” will be presented in its original widescreen aspect ratio and will contain a Dolby Digital 5.1 English soundtrack. Tom Green, Harland Williams, Marisa Coughlan and Rip Torn will lend their voices to the audio commentaries which accompany the film. Other features include MTV’s making of, 8 deleted scenes, a theatrical trailer, four TV spots, an audience laugh track and a special Rated PG Version of the film which lasts a total of three minutes.

Carrying a suggested retail price of $29.98, the Tom Green comedy will hit stores on October 23rd.

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