DVD goes to the Dogs

Universal Home Video is going to the vaults to bring two canine inspired direct-to-video sequels to DVD. The family comedies Beethoven’s 4th and the abbreviation-heavy K-9 III: P.I. are both on their way to release.

The Newton family is trying valiantly to manage life with the larger-than-life Beethoven in “Beethoven’s 4th”, while Richard (Judge Reinhold) has become a work-at-home Dad and Beth (Julia Sweeney) heads back to the office. Richard’s work and Beth’s new work wardrobe are toast in the presence of the giant paws and non-stop drool of the well-meaning but destructively demonstrative Beethoven, and the kids (Joe Pichler and Michaela Gallo) desperately try to save the day with obedience training. The results are disastrous at first, but seem to miraculously take hold when a mix-up at the park switches Beethoven with his dead-ringer Michelangelo, an overly well-bred show dog from the upwardly repressed Sedgewick family manor. Chandelier-rattling chaos at the Sedgewick’s and a strangely unwelcome quiet at the Newton’s create huge problems that only the big-hearted St. Bernhard can lick.

James Belushi returns in “K9 III: P.I.”. Before they can retire from the force to become private eyes and enjoy the good life, Dooley and Jerry Lee must solve one final crime.

Neither disc will carry any special features, but will be available on DVD soon. “Beethoven’s 4th” will be available on December 4th for $24.95. No details are available on “K9 III”.

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