Columbia TriStar discovers Diary of Sex Addict

The disturbing drama Diary of Sex Addict is coming direct-to-video from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment this November.

“Diary of Sex Addict” is the erotic and disturbingly arousing glimpse into the obsessive life of a sexual compulsive. By all outward appearances, Sammy Horn’s (Des Barres) life appears to be the picture of domestic bliss – devoted husband, loving father and successful businessman. But Sammy is leading a double life. He is a sex addict driven by impulses he is powerless to control. And while he is busy feeding his addiction and indulging his obsession, he will lie to the people he cares about and hurt the people that care about him in his never-ending quest for a fix.

The film will come as a regular edition DVD with an anamorphically enhanced widescreen transfer and sound presented in both Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2-Channel Surround. No other features will accompany the disc.

Suggested list price for “Diary of Sex Addict” will be $29.95. The DVD will be available on November 13th.

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