Cameron Crowe makes good on Almost Famous promises

Before the recent DVD release of last year’s semi-biographical tale from Cameron Crowe, Almost Famous, Crow and Dreamworks Home Entertainment promised a special edition of the film containing Crowe’s definitive cut of the film was on the way. This was a welcome change from the habits of many studios of announcing special editions after the release of the initial DVD offering. Nonetheless, fans of the rock-and-roll coming of age film have been patiently waiting. Finally, the official word has come through on a December release on Almost Famous Untitled: The Bootleg Cut.

Based on his own experiences as a 15-year-old journalist, Crowe tells the story of a young reporter who has the opportunity of a lifetime as he hits the road with his favorite band, Stillwater, and gets to sell the story to Rolling Stone Magazine. On the road he discovers the price of fame, the value of family and the limits of friendship.

The new DVD will come as a three disc set. The new expanded cut of the film, coming in at just over two-and-a-half hours plays on disc one while the original theatrical cut plays on disc two. The extended cut will feature an audio commentary with director Cameron Crowe, a BBC interview with Lester Bangs, deleted scenes including the “Stairway To Heaven” scene and the Stillwater Cleveland concert, and the theatrical trailer. Several of Cameron Crowe’s original Rolling Stone articles will also be included as well as DVD-ROM contents. The third disc will actually be an audio CD which contains six songs from the film’s fictional band Stillwater.

The three disc set will come on December 12th for $34.95.

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