Battle of the Planets gets unearthed by Rhino

Rhino Home Video is continuing its trend of releasing classic 70’s and 80’s cartoons with the first two volumes of the first Japanese cartoons to make it to American shores back in 1978. Battle of the Planets, created from the Japanese cartoon “Gatchaman” and later transformed into “G-Force”, ran in America paving the way for the 80’s wave of American and Japanese action cartoons including “Transformers” “Voltron” and “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe”. Rhino has decided to bring the series out of retirement and release it in the U.S. on video for the first time ever.

Evil aliens from the dying planet Spectra attempt to capture the Earth and its interstellar allies to plunder their natural resources. The Spectrans’ ruthless leader, The Great Spirit, secretly controls his troops through his henchman, Zoltar. The Spirit will stop at nothing until the planets of the Federation, including Earth, belong to him. The only ones who can stand in their way are Mark, Jason, Keyop, Tiny, and the Princess – the five members of “G-Force”. Each member’s special powers work together to fight the Spectrans from the “G-Force” base with the aid of 7-Zark-7, their computer.

Each episode will be presented in its original fullscreen aspect ratio, but will be graced with a new Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track. Each volume will contain two American episodes of “Battle of the Planets” as well as their Japanese counterparts from the “Gatchaman” program presented in Japanese with English subtitles and ridiculously long titles. One bonus episode of “G-Force” will also be included on each disc. Vol. 1 will contain the episodes The Space Mummy and The Space Serpent (with “Gatchaman” episodes The Giant Mummy that Calls Storms and Revenge of the Iron Monster Mechadegon) and the bonus “G-Force” episode The Blast from the Bottom of the Sea. Vol. 2 will contain the episodes Atttack of the Space Terrapin and Rescue of Astronauts (with Japanese doppelgangers Gatchaman vs. Turtle King and The Evil Ghostly Aircraft Carrier Appears) and the “G-Force” episode The Robot Stegosaur.

Both volumes of “Battle of the Planets” will be available on October 23rd for $19.99 each.

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