Apocalypse Now Redux is coming

Francis Ford Coppola’s genre defining war-film “Apocalypse Now” is currently enjoying renewed success after twenty years thanks to the new updated version which has recently entered the theater circuit. Paramount Home Entertainment is already preparing to release Apocalypse Now Redux on DVD this fall.

Captain Benjamin Willard journeys past the Cambodia border on a U.S. patrol boat to “terminate with extreme prejudice” renegade Colonel Kurtz, a Green Beret who has set himself up as a god among a local tribe. Director Francis Ford Coppola’s revamping of his Vietnam epic, “Apocalypse Now,” with 49 added minutes has significantly improved the troubled blockbuster. The film now seems both mellowed and revitalized. Capt. Willard’s (Martin Sheen) experiences on his famed upriver journey have received a richer thematic exploration with four major additions in the “Apocalypse Now Redux.”

Although the film is receiving an anamorphic widescreen transfer and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, the 202 minute running length prevents any special features from being added to the disc, including the famed “Heart of Darkness” documentary which many were hoping would make it to DVD.

November 20th is the day “Redux” comes to DVD. It’s suggested retail price will be $29.95, and it will smell like. victory.

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