ADV Films brings you more Robotech

ADV Films has just announced the upcoming DVD release of Harmony Gold’s Robotech: The Macross Saga: Flight 4! The first installment of the second saga of the best-selling Robotech series that was responsible for turning millions of fans worldwide onto the world of Japanese animation!

Join Dana Sterling and the 15th as they stand to defend the Earth against the next alien force, which seeks the secrets of Robotechnology, that lay buried within the wreck of Zor’s legendary space-battle fortress.

Robotech: Robotech Masters – A New Threat

Fifteen years of peace are shattered when a new invasion force – the Robotech Masters – wage war against the Earth’s struggling survivors. The victor’s prize is control of the mysterious Protoculture Matrix – the secret powerhouse of Robotechnology. A whole new cast of heroes and villains re-invigorate the powerful story of intergalactic war and personal drama that has made Robotech one of the most enduring science fiction adventures of all time.

Robotech: Robotech Masters – Revelations

As the Robotech Defense Forces struggle to keep the Robotech Masters from establishing a foothold on Earth, the true nature of Protoculture and the consequences for those who control its secrets are slowly revealed. Combat gives way to strategy and misguided diplomacy as the 2nd Robotech War shifts into high gear. The irresistible mix of fascinating science fiction, wild improbable combat and turgid melodrama can only be found in the complex worlds of Robotech.

Robotech Masters: Robotech Legacy – Collection 4

A special 3-disc collector’s edition, which includes the above titles and an exclusive extras disc available only in this collection. This bonus disc includes original opening/closing sequences from the original Japanese series; a gallery of the original Robotech Masters comic book covers; production sketches; and more exclusive international clips available exclusively in this 3-disc collector’s edition.

Each of these Robotech discs contain 6 episodes and will be available on October 30 at a suggested retail price of $14.98. The “Legacy Collection 4” will carry a retail price of $44.98 and will be available on the same date.

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