Two new DVDs from Artisan

Artisan Entertainment is readying two new DVDs for release this summer. The dark comedy Dead Simple and the new sci-fi flick The Last Warrior are coming to disc this August.

Daniel Stern portrays Frank, a hapless hotel owner that has big dreams of breaking into the Country Music scene in “Dead Simple”. Things go from bad to worse in this dark comedy about a small town’s attempt to cover up a series of accidental murders.

2006 is the year of “The Last Warrior”, and an earthquake measuring 9.5 on the Richter Scale splits California into an island with a perpetual dust cloud hanging over it. The survivors of the terrible ordeal have started to come together to be lead through this brave new world by one man, Nick Preston (Dolph Lundgren) an air force captain. In their search for food, fuel and fellow survivors, they must find a possible path into the next world, while dodging a violent gang of escaped convicts and a plague that causes the skin to boil.

The two discs vary greatly in content. While “The Last Warrior” is featureless, “Dead Simple” comes with a plethora of special features including a commentary track with director Jason Bloom and actor Daniel Stern, behind the scenes interviews, director and cast biographies, and a trailer gallery.

Both DVDs will be available on August 21st and will carry a suggested retail price of $24.98 each.

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