Synapse Films readies the original Exorcism

The French film Exorcism never saw a U.S. release in its original unedited form. Re-edited and retitled “Demoniac”, the film has rarely been seen by American audiences in its original form. Now Synapse Films has restored the film to its original version and will release it as a new special edition DVD.

Jess Franco (Vampyros Lesbos, Female Vampire, She Killed in Ecstasy) directs and stars in this shocking thriller of a depraved religious fanatic. A Catholic priest, defrocked for the severity of his beliefs, writes for a French sex magazine. His editor praises his stories for their vivid erotic cruelty, which the author claims is based on “real-life experience.” When the priest witnesses a series of staged Black Masses – complete with phony human sacrifices – he becomes convinced that the participants are possessed by spiritual evil and he dedicates himself to cutting the spirit of Satan from their hearts with “the Sword of the Lord.” He hunts the unsuspecting victims one by one, “cleansing” their souls of the Devil’s dark influence.

The new DVD will be presented with a new anamorphic widescreen video transfer and a Dolby Digital Mono track in English. The disc will also feature the first ever audio commentary from the film’s director Jess Franco, an alternate opening sequence, a still gallery, and a theatrical trailer. The latest DVD to hop on the “unique packaging” bandwagon, “Exorcism” will also come with a reversible double sided cover so the owner can choose the artwork they prefer.

Coming just in time for Halloween on October 30th, “Exorcism” will be given a $24.98 suggested retail price.

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