Prepare for the Luck of the Draw

Artisan Entertainment is preparing a brand new direct-to-video release for this September. Luck of the Draw is a hard edged mob drama featuring Dennis Hopper as a local crime boss and James Marshall as a man trying to leave the life of organized crime.

Ex-con Jack Sweeny (James Marshall) is desperately trying to find himself a legitimate job. One day while leaving another failed interview rejected and frustrated, Jack stumbles into the middle of a shootout between local crime boss Giani Pointi (Dennis Hopper) and the Feds. Amidst the confusion and gunplay, Jack steals what looks to be a suitcase full of money and runs.only to discover that it’s not money in the suitcase, but actual counterfeit plates. Now he is involved in a high stakes game of figuring out what to do with the plates before the owners figure out who has them. On the run for his life from ruthless henchman, as well as corrupt Feds, what awaits Jack is all in the Luck of the Draw!

The “Luck of the Draw” DVD is presented with a fullscreen video transfer complimented by a Dolby Digital 2.0 soundtrack. The disc will contain cast and crew information as well as a trailer.

“Luck of the Draw” is coming September 18th from Artisan for $24.98.

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