Prancer returns in a new film and a new DVD

In recent years, Christmas films have become increasing spectacles of special effects. A decade ago, films of the Christmas season were simpler, and in many ways, more heartfelt. The story of Prancer charmed family audiences in 1989, and continues to do so today. Perhaps that’s why Prancer will be coming to DVD not once, but twice in the coming months. “Prancer” will come to disc for the first time in October courtesy of MGM Home Entertainment and will return in the all new story Prancer Returns which will be released on DVD through USA Home Entertainment and air on the USA Network this November.

“Prancer” tells the story of Jessica, the daughter of a poor apple farmer, still believes in Santa Claus. When she comes across a reindeer with an injured leg, it makes perfect sense to her that it’s Prancer, who had fallen from a Christmas display in town. She hides the reindeer in her barn and feeds it cookies, until she can return it to Santa.
In Prancer’s new adventure, Jessica and her father are gone, but writer Greg Taylor has returned to tell the story of another child who discovers a baby reindeer he believes belongs to Santa. This time it’s an 8-year old boy who must face the same challenges Jessica did many years ago as he struggles to help the reindeer find its way home to the North Pole.

MGM’s release of “Prancer” will feature the film’s original stereo soundtrack, and a new anamorphic widescreen transfer allowing viewers to watch the film in it’s original aspect ratio for the first time since the film’s release. The disc will also include an original theatrical trailer. “Prancer Returns” will be released through USA with many DVD-ROM features including screensavers, games and web links, but will feature no supplemental material outside of the DVD-ROM content.

“Prancer” will be available on October 2nd for $14.95. The sequel will come to video stores on November 20th and will air the same day on USA.

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