Pinnacle Systems unveils professional real-time DVD Authoring

Pinnacle Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: PCLE), today announced Pinnacle Pro-ONE, an advanced DV-based editing and authoring solution that dramatically reduces the cost and production time to create sophisticated, broadcast quality video and publish interactive DVDs.

Pinnacle Pro-ONE’s powerful processing engine increases productivity by reducing the time consuming process of rendering and gives videographers the artistic tools to perfect the combinations of digital effects and 3-D objects in real-time. Users can combine two digital video streams with titles, graphics, and 3D objects and apply up to ten digital video effects simultaneously in real-time.

“Digital video is about to go through a sea of change as flexible new products give videographers a full range of capabilities,” says Kathleen Maher, Senior Analyst and Editor-in-Chief of the Peddie Report for Jon Peddie Associates. “It’s easier than ever to move video content from source to editing platform to output. JPA sees the year 2001 as ground zero for new growth in video editing especially as recordable DVD products get positioned on the launch pad. Products like Pinnacle’s Pro-ONE that give professional videographers all the tools they need including 3D with little rendering overhead and also gives enthusiasts an easy to use editing platform will move video editing on to considerably more desktops in all segments including professional, corporate and consumer.”

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