Philips selects Sage Display Processor for Progressive-Scan DVD-Recorders

Sage Inc. (Nasdaq:SAGI), a provider of digital display processors for consumer technology and PC-display products, today announced that Philips Consumer Electronics has selected the Sage FLI2200 deinterlacer to be incorporated into its 2001 model-year progressive-scan DVD-recorders, (DVDR1000 and DVDR1500). Utilizing award-winning deinterlacing algorithms from Faroudja, a division of Sage, Philips’ progressive-scan rewritable DVD-recorders achieve high quality video. The FLI2200’s industry-first features, such as Directional Correlational Deinterlacing (DCDi)(TM) and cross color suppression, further advance Philips DVD-recorders by producing smooth and natural images when recorded TV broadcast or camcorder content is played back.

The FLI2200 is the world’s first 10-bit single-chip motion adaptive deinterlacer, incorporating Faroudja’s award-winning deinterlacing and post-processing algorithms to convert standard interlaced video signals into progressive-scan signals. Deinterlacing provides markedly improved video quality in a variety of consumer products ranging from progressive-scan DVD players and TVs to flat-panel monitors. This highly integrated single-chip implementation with advanced video features reduces system cost while providing PC-display and consumer technology manufacturers with unmatched video quality and maximum design flexibility.

The DCDi algorithm eliminates the jagged edges seen on moving angled lines in video images. Motion-adaptive deinterlacing with optimal filtering on a per pixel basis suppresses motion artifacts and provides the highest resolution picture. The FLI2200 also features Film Mode deinterlacing, invented and patented by Faroudja, for proper handling of 3:2 and 2:2 pulldown as well as bad edit detection/correction. The FLI2200 supports 8/10-bit ITU-R BT656, 16/20-bit YUV and 24/30-bit RGB, YCrCb and YPrPb interlaced inputs and progressive outputs with auto-detection of NTSC/PAL/SECAM inputs.

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