LaCie introduces palm-sized DVD-ROM drive

Storage product maker LaCie has announced a new DVD-ROM drive designed to be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Compatible with both FireWire and USB interfaces, the PocketDVD-ROM drive features 8x write speeds and 24x write speeds. The drive’s seek time is 150ms for DVDs and 110ms for CDs.

The PocketDVD-ROM can work in bus-powered mode when used with a FireWire-equipped system. LaCie also provides an international power supply for when the drive is used with USB. The U&I interface designed by LaCie automatically senses which interface is being used and configures the PocketDVD-ROM accordingly. To reduce size further, the drive has a side-groove similar to Iomega’s external disc drives reducing cable space.

The PocketDVD-ROM is available through LaCie’s retailers and carries a suggested retail price of US$299.

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