Jean Reno will be Just Visiting on DVD soon

A veteran of serious dramatic roles, French actor Jean Reno tried his hand at comedy last spring in the time-traveling spoof Just Visiting. The remake of the 1993 film “Les Visiteurs” made nearly 5 million dollars for Hollywood Pictures, and now the studio has decided to bring the movie to DVD through Buena Vista Home Entertainment

On the eve of Count Thibault’s (Jean Reno) wedding to Julia Malfete (Christina Applegate), the Count accidentally kills his betrothed. Sensing black magic was responsible for the act, his faithful servant Andre (Christian Clavier) solicits the only available wizard who can undo the spell. Magic goes awry and the 12th century nobleman and his servant are transported to 21st century where they meet Malfete’s descendant and her scheming fiance. Despite chaos and uncertainty in modern-day Chicago, the twosome quickly realize they have to figure a way back to their own time otherwise Thibault and Julia’s lineage would cease to exist.

The technical specs and special features for “Just Visiting” are still being hammered out, but they’ll be posted here, when the final information is available. What is known is that the film will be coming to DVD on September 11th for $32.99

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