Greetings Program – TRON gets a makeover from Disney

As production draws nearer for the upcoming live action/CGI film TRON 2.0, Buena Vista Home Entertainment has finally decided to revisit the original TRON on DVD. Originally released as a lackluster disc in 1998, “TRON” suffered from a poor transfer and no extras to speak of. The new DVD is the result of a new commitment to the 1982 film, and should be a considerable improvement.

Computer hacker Kevin Flynn is determined to prove that his former employers ENCOM have stolen his work. His attempts to hack the system however are constantly thwarted by ENCOM’s Master Control Program – the MCP. When Flynn finally breaks into ENCOM, he is transported into the computer world, where programs interact with each other and are subjugated by the MPC. Flynn realizes that his goals and the future of the virtual world depend on finding TRON, the heroic system security program and the only one who can destroy the MCP to stop the injustices the it has been inflicting in both the real and virtual worlds.

The upcoming 20th Anniversary Edition of “TRON” will feature an audio commentary by director Steven Lisberger. According to Lisberger, the DVD will include the 30-second deleted love scene and an extensive documentary tracing the creation of this film, as well as other extras. Although these extra features will be very welcome, the more pressing concern for many fans of the film will be the quality of the video transfer. Unfortunately, no technical specifications have been released yet concerning the disc, but will be posted here as soon as they become available.

Get ready to hop on your lightcycles next year, “TRON: 20th Anniversary Edition” is coming January 15th of 2002.

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