Columbia tells the story of the man who put G in MGM

Hollywood has changed immeasurably since the days of the movie mogul When Tinseltown was controlled by a select few, Samuel Goldwyn was the most powerful man in the business. Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment looks back on the industry shaping giant in the new documentary Goldwyn.

Everybody knows the name Goldwyn. Through this documentary, everyone will get to know the man behind the name. The film contains clips from over 38 movies as well as many first-person interviews and a great deal of rare archival footage and photography. Narrated by Academy Award-winning actor Dustin Hoffman, this is the tale not only of a man, but of an era and of the history of Hollywood. It is, in many ways, about the American Dream itself a truly unforgettable story of a life that shaped the entire film industry for over fifty years and a legacy that continues to entertain millions throughout the world.
“Goldwyn” will be presented in both anamorphic widescreen and fullscreen. The documentary is complimented by a filmography of the legendary producer.

October 9th is the day that “Goldwyn” will be available for the first time. $24.95 is the suggested retail price.

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