Chestnuts roasting on an open DVD?

We all knew it would happen sooner or later. The famous Fireplace video has made its way to the digital realm at last. DVD Productions, the company that put out the original “DVD Aquarium” has decided to release “DVD Fireplace” on DVD with a few special enhancements.

Like previous fireside videos, the “DVD Fireplace” disc features several hours of a crackling fire on your television or monitor. It may not reduce your heating bills this winter, but it might make that dorm room seem a little more like home.

Of course DVD offers so much more than VHS, and “DVD Fireplace” takes full advantage of the format. Three separate fires can be selected to play. DVD Fireplace comes with two fires presented in the traditional 4:3 apect ratio; Your classic roaring fire and a more mellow fire called Ambient Embers. The third fire is presented in widescreen. All three fires will have audio options to listen to either the original fire crackle or soothing piano melodies. The disc also contains a fair amount of special features when a break from the fire is in order. An interview with the director, a behind the scene scrapbook, and a short film called The Flame are all included on the DVD. One word of caution, the DVD is being made in both PAL and NTSC formats, so it is important to make sure the disc purchased will work when brought home. Additionally, since DVD Productions is located in Australia, the disc will most likely be region free or region 0 which can cause problems on some players. “DVD Fireplace” is available now.

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