Artisan and Hallmark bring Haunted to DVD

Four years before the box office hits “The Sixth Sense” or “Stir of Echoes” hit theatres, British director Lewis Gilbert brought his own dark tale of the relationships between the living and the dead to the silver screen. Based on the James Herbert novel, the dark thriller Haunted will be getting a new release this summer from Artisan Entertainment and Hallmark Home Entertainment.

Aidan Quinn, Kate Beckinsale and Sir John Gielgud lead the all-star cast in this chilling adaptation of the classic James Herbert novel. When David Ash investigates a haunting at an isolated country manor, strange and horrifying occurrences lead him to first doubt his convictions and then his sanity. As the sordid history of the estate’s family is revealed, and David falls in love with the mysterious Christina, he begins to see the ghostly image of a young girl calling out to him from an unearthly terror he could never have imagined.

Coming on August 21st, “Haunted” will not contain any special features, but will be available for only $14.95.

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