A&E salutes Emma Peel in a massive box set

Emma Peel, the ineffable fairer member of The Avengers has been unquestionably one of the driving forces of the success of the sixties British spy series, both on television and on DVD. A&E Home Video has decided to recognize the sultry heroine by issuing one of the largest DVD boxed sets ever in the form of Avengers: The Complete Emma Peel Mega-Set. Mega is the word for this sixteen-disc set containing every episode featuring Ms. Peel.

Though the Avengers are technically a slick crime-fighting duo, for most male fans of the cult British television series, only one of them mattered. This was Emma Peel, the tough, sexy and witty heroine played by Diana Rigg. Clad in sleek black and as quick with a quip as with a gun, Peel was a precursor to American interpretations of female crime fighters like Charlie’s Angels.

Although, the set is daunting in its size, no new material will be presented in the box. The set will bundle all current “Avengers” discs featuring Diana Rigg into a single box. The episodes are presented in their original broadcast fullscreen format.

The suggested retail price is $199.95 giving the discs an average price of $12.50 each, which is considerably less than the current MSRP on the discs. On August 28th, fans of “The Avengers” who haven’t already scooped up the exsisting DVDs will have the chance to pick up three seasons worth of the show in one shot and then pull the shades, unplug the phone and watch over forty-six hours of Emma.

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