ABC News enters the DVD arena with unique releases

Hopkins 24/7 and The Clinton YearsABC News“ critically acclaimed documentary series that took viewers deep into the most private corners of the medical world and into the most public job on the planet – have been released as special DVD packages featuring all network episodes of the repective series and additional content from ABC News” Nightline and 20/20.

When “Hopkins 24/7” originally aired in August 2000, it was praised by viewers and television critics alike for its vivid portrayal of the realities of modern medicine. In an unprecedented joint effort between ABC News and Johns Hopkins, a team of award-winning video journalists was given 24 hour-a-day, 7 day-a-week access to Johns Hopkins medical staff and patients for a period of three months. Using unobtrusive digital video cameras, the journalists documented everyday life inside one of the world’s elite medical institutions. The result is a fascinating, often deeply moving, look at the struggles and triumphs of doctors and their patients.

The “Hopkins 24/7” DVD package includes all six series episodes, plus additional footage in the form of two related Nightline segments. In the first, Ted Koppel talks with doctors from Johns Hopkins about HMO’s and their effect on the quality of medical care. In the second, ABC News Correspondent Cynthia McFadden speaks with Dr. Risa Moriarti about her decision to resign from Johns Hopkins“ surgical residency program. Also included is a 20/20 segment devoted to Dr. Michael Ain, a surgeon featured in Hopkins 24/7 who also happens to be a little person.

“The Clinton Years” looks behind the headlines, beginning with the president’s first steps on the campaign trail. Almost immediately rocked by scandal, Clinton refused to give up his fight for the highest office in the land. His ability to connect with voters, coupled with his resiliency, earned him the nickname The Comeback Kid. It was a title he would earn several times over in the course of the next eight years. On five consecutive nights of “Nightline” and two hours of “Frontline,” “The Clinton Years” reports the inside story behind the major news and political events that have defined Clinton’s presidency and will ultimately shape his legacy. “Nightline” anchor Ted Koppel and “Nightline” correspondent Chris Bury will report for both the ABC and PBS programs.

ABC News is experimenting with DVD for the first time. If the Hopkins and Clinton DVDs are successful, the news organization hopes to release additional titles in the future including “Peter Jennings” Search for Jesus”. The new DVD packages are available now, but is currently only available through ABC News. The discs can be ordered from ABC at 1 (800) CALL-ABC or through their website. The price is $79.95 for “Hopkins 24/7” and $59.95 for “The Clinton Years”

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