The second installment of the Robotech series comes from ADV

Following the recent release of the first volume of Robotech the Macross Saga, ADV Films has announced the second set of discs in the series. Robotech: The Macross Saga: Homecoming and Robotech: The Macross Saga: Battlefront, the two new discs will contain six episodes apiece, and will be available separately or in a box set with a third supplemental disc.

In “Robotech: The Macross Saga: Homecoming”, after battling their way back to Earth, the crew of the SDF-1 must learn to cope with a new set of rules imposed by a bureaucracy with little understanding of the grave threat that faces the entire world. Eventually, the horrors of war are brutally realized as heroes are forced to make the ultimate sacrifice… Add to this the growing tensions, romantic and otherwise, between several key characters and therein lays the makings of classic science fiction melodrama that defines Robotech.

“Robotech: The Macross Saga: Battlefront” begins in the wake of Roy Fokker’s death. The crew of the SDF-1 must face the bitter realities of war in the most personal of ways. Add to this the growing dissatisfaction with the Earth’s primitive defense forces, and it all points to eminent defeat at the hands of a massive alien armada. But as the battle to save their planet seems out of their reach, a series of lucky breaks give these besieged heroes of the massive space battle fortress a small glimmer of hope.

The individual discs will contain very little in the way of special features. The third disc however, available only as part of the special collector’s edition, will contain a collection of animation designs featuring mecha from Macross, character bios newly adapted from Harmony Gold’s original production bible by series producer Carl Macek; another section of Robotech International clips: A gallery of vintage comic book covers from Comico featuring an episode- by-episode adaptation of Robotech: The Macross Saga, promotional films from 1986 never before seen by the general public and a selection of vintage television commercials produced by Matchbox Toys for the launch of their Robotech toy line.

On August 7th, the two new Robotech volumes will be available for $14.98 each. “Macross Saga: The Robotech Legacy Collection 2” will be available on the same day for $44.98

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