The Mummy Returns joins the Universal library

The Mummy Returns, the second installment in Universal’s popular adventure “Mummy” series will be coming to DVD this fall.

Set in 1935, ten years after the events depicted in the first film. “The Mummy Returns” begins with Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser) who is now married to Evelyn (Rachel Weisz). The couple has settled in London, where they are raising their 9-year-old son Alex (Freddie Boath). When a chain of events finds the corpse of Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo) resurrected in the British Museum, the mummy Imhotep walks the earth once more, determined to fulfill his quest for immortality. But another force has also been set loose in the born of the darkest rituals of ancient Egyptian mysticism, and even more powerful than Imhotep. When these two forces clash, the fate of the world will hang in the balance, sending the O’Connells on a desperate race to save the world from unspeakable evil, and rescue their son before it is too late.

Like many recent Universal releases, “The Mummy Returns” will be given two separate releases – one version will contain the anamorphic widescreen version of the film, while the other version will contain a modified fullscreen transfer. The features on both discs will be otherwise identical. Both upcoming DVDs will contain special added features including exclusive advanced footage from the Universal Pictures Spring 2002 release, The Scorpion King starring The Rock. Also included will be a spotlight on location, behind-the-scenes featurette, interactive visual and special effects formation, feature length audio commentaries with the director and editor, deleted scenes, a historical background segment called Egyptology 201, outtakes, theatrical trailers, production notes, cast and filmmaker biographies and DVD-ROM features including The Mummy game, screen savers and a customized web browser. An interesting bonus coming with the discs will be a coupon redeemable for a free bag of Tootsie Rolls, Tootsie Pops, or Charm Blow Pops candy.

No word has come from Universal as to whether or not the upcoming DVDs will be part of their Collector’s Editions or Ultimate Editions series, but with the supplements listed here, it will very likely be a two-disc set. Regardless of discs or labels, the DVDs will be available for $26.98, and will hit stores on October 2nd.

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