The Living Dead Return… again and again and again

DVD has been good to the cult-horror genre, but the popular Return of the Living Dead series has been MIA until now. Trimark Home Video will begin to remedy that situation with their upcoming Special Edition of Return of the Living Dead 3 in August.

Colonel Reynolds and his son Curt have the same arguments every father and son have, except that the Colonel just happens to run a military experiment to create re-animate the dead for a new zombie army. This works out for Curt when his girlfriend Julie is killed in a motorcycle accident and he sneaks onto the base to bring her back. The experiment is successful, but Julie and Curt learn the old lesson that re-animating the dead can have a down side as well. Oh sure, it’s an old classic tale, but can you ever really have too many military-zombie-girlfriend movies?

“Return of the Living Dead 3” will be presented in its original unrated form as opposed to the re-edited R-rated version prepared for video distribution. The DVD will receive a new widescreen transfer, and will be presented in stereo in English and French. If neither of those audio tracks sound appealing, the DVD will also feature two audio commentaries; the first by director Brian Yuzna, and the second on the special effects. The disc will also be supplemented with a making of freaturette, storyboards, interviews and a trailer.

The DVD will come from Trimark on August 28th, and will carry a retail price of $19.99.

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