More Stooges from Columbia

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment is set to release more of The Three Stooges this August. This will make the sixth Stooge DVD from Columbia.

The six shorts on the new disc include Dizzy Doctors in which The Stooges get a job selling “Brighto”, but none of them really know what “Brighto” is

Termites of 1938 which features the boys as pest exterminators. But when they’re mistakenly hired by a rich lady looking for an escort to a fancy society party, the Stooges become the pests.

Brideless Groom stars Shemp as an heir who must marry before six o’clock. The ladies don’t seem very interested… until they hear about the inheritance.

Listen Judge takes the knuckleheads to court where they are accused of chicken stealing. The Stooges manage to escape, but panic when they realize they’ve taken refuge in the judge’s own home. Fortunatly, they know the age-old solution to any problem – exploding cake.

Bubble Trouble is a retelling of the classic well known tale of scientists who develop a fountain of youth formula only to discover that it turns some people into gorillas

The Tooth Will Out has the Stooges graduate from dental school and go out west to open a practice. Everything goes well until Shemp “cures” an outlaw’s toothache from the instructions he read… in a carpentry book.

All the shorts will be presented in their original fullscreen Black and White in their original Mono. Salesmen, Scientists, Dentists, is there anything these guys can’t do? Priced at $24.95, August 21st will see the release of the thirty-sixth “Stooges” short from Columbia. Only about 180 to go.

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