Four new anime titles from ADV Films

ADV Films announces a new batch of anime titles set to hit stores over the course of the summer.

Sorcerer Hunters: Magical Desires: In a world where magic is real, sorcerers and magic users use their power to enslave the common man and rule the land, but they do not go unopposed. For there are five brave souls that stand against them; five brave souls that dare to fight evil in whatever form it takes; five brave souls that… Oh, who are we kidding? The wickedly lovely Tira Misu and her equally well-endowed sister Chocolate are back for another round of magical mayhem. Don’t miss the second sexy DVD of Sorcerer Hunters. This DVD release will feature English and Japanese audio tracks with optional English subtitles. The release will contain 7 episodes will be enhanced with character biographies, textless opening and ending animations and ADV Trailers. The second installment of the “Sorecerer Hunters” will hit shelves July 31st with a suggested retail price of $29.98.

Parasite Eve: Based on the best-selling novel and a series of popular Playstation video games, “Parasite Eve” will be available as a bilingual DVD. A classified experiment. A beautiful woman. The ultimate biological nightmare is unleashed as the next stage in human evolution reveals itself in a horrifying synthesis of woman and monster! Parasite Eve is loose and the human race will never be the same. Coming on August 14th, “Parasite Eve” will retail for $19.98.

The Hypnotist: “The Hypnotist” is part of the beginning of an influx of Japanese suspense and horror films into the US, which in recent years been growing steadily from a small cult following to a part of pop culture, much like the popular kaiju titles Gamera and Godzilla. In it, an athlete runs herself to death. A man throws himself out of a window while his wife ignores him, focusing on the repeated ringing of a small bell. As a plague of mysterious suicides erupts across Japan, a determined police detective begins to unravel the clues that lead to a popular entertainer. Is the Hypnotist responsible for planting subliminal messages in the minds of the victims… messages that ultimately lead to murder? Even more frightening, has the detective unknowingly already become a victim? A deadly and shocking game of cat and mouse ensues. Although no details have arrived on special features for this DVD, it will be available on August 14th for $19.98.

Kimagure Orange Road: Summer’s Beginning: Based on the first Shin Kimagure Orange Road novel outlined by Izumi Matsumoto and written by Kenji Terada, “Kimagure Orange Road: Summer’s Beginning” begins when a near-fatal traffic accident sends 19 year-old Kyosuke Kasuga spinning three years forward in time, where his future self is missing and presumed dead. It’s a race against time to find the missing 22 year-old Kyosuke and return the 19 year-old version to his proper time before he dies. To make matters worse, Kyosuke stumbles across the vivacious Hikaru, recently returned to Japan, whose feelings for him haven’t changed. Now, on top of everything else, he’s faced with the added task of remaining true to his beloved Madoka. Will love triumph over all obstacles? Or will the relationship so painstakingly built unravel? Only time will tell. The new DVD will be released on August 21st for a suggested retail of $29.98.

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