Dreamworks prepares The Mexican

The teaming of two of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars came last year in the form of the action packed comedy The Mexican. Now Dreamworks Home Video is preparing a new Special Edition DVD set to hit shelves this August.

Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt get more than they bargained for when their lives become entangled with hitmen, hombres and a cursed antique pistol. Pitt plays Jerry Welbach, a man placed between a rock and a hard place by two ultimatums. On one hand is his mob boss who sends him to Mexico to retrieve the priceless pistol known as “The Mexican” or he will suffer the consequences. On the other hand is his slightly self-centered girlfriend Smantha (Julia Roberts) who wants him to quit the mob and come clean. Fearing that the retribution from the mob would most likely be greater than the danger from Samantha, Jerry heads for the border where finding the pistol proves to be not difficult at all. Getting it home, however, is quite another matter. The legendary “curse” of the pistol seems all too real to Jerry who encounters bad luck in spades, culminating in Samantha being kidnapped by a hitman (James Gandolfini) who wants to exchange her for “The Mexican”.

The new DVD will contain an anamorphic widescreen transfer and audio tracks in Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1. In addition to the film, Dreamworks is providing several extras including an audio commentary by director Gore Verbinski and crew a making-of featurette, deleted footage with commentary, a trailer, production info and cast and crew biographies.

Brad Pitt may have had a harrowing time obtaining “The Mexican”, but everyone else will be able to pick it up August 7th pretty easily for the suggested retail price of $26.99.

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