Dr. Who lands on DVD

The recent partnership between Warner Brothers Home Video and the BBC has cleared the way for Warner to release episodes of the long running British television series Dr. Who on DVD.

Each DVD will contain four episodes of the series. Although each disc will contain consecutive episodes to follow the multi-part stories, the stories on the DVDs will not be released in chronological order, but rather in a “Best Of” format. The first three discs contain episodes 51, 90, and 129/130 respectively

Spearhead from Space: (1970) The third Doctor’s first adventure pits the Doctor against a malevolent collective intelligence from outer space and establishes his uneasy alliance with UNIT.
The Robots of Death: (1977) The Doctor and Leela visit a mining outpost where the staff has grown all too dependent on their fleet of robots.

The King’s Demons: (1983) The Tardis interferes with a joust when it lands in 13th century England.
The Five Doctors: (1983) Someone is lifting the Doctor’s past selves out of time and space with a sinister time scoop in this 20th Anniversary special. “Spearhead from Space” and “The Robots of Death” will be released seperately, “The King’s Demons” and “The Five Doctors” will be released together on a single disc. No details have arrived from Warner concerning pricing or features, but all three discs will arrive on September 11th.

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