Criterion prepares three Hitchcock titles

Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense, has been treated very well on DVD. Criterion now announces three new titles from the director’s earlier works. Rebecca, Notorious, and Spellbound are all on their way.

In “Rebecca”, a timid, young ladies companion is on vacation where she meets the handsome and wealthy widower Maxim de Winter, whose wife Rebecca has recently died in a boating accident. The two fall in love and, once married, the new Mrs. De Winter returns to the Winter estate to find that Rebecca still has a strange hold on everyone there. The direction of Hitchcock highlights this adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s celebrated novel which won the Best Picture of the Year Academy Award.

“Notorious” follows the tale of Alicia Huberman who gains notoriety when her father, a Nazi spy, is convicted of treason against the United States following World War II. Soon after, she throws a party which is crashed by a handome stranger named Devlin. After a clash of wit and temperament, Devlin reveals to Alicia that he is a U.S. intelligence agent and asks her to help him trap Nazi mastermindAlexander Sebastian. Because she has fallen in love with the dashing American agent, Alicia agrees and proceeds to endear herself to Sebastian. But as she becomes more and more involved in her work, Alicia may be putting her life in danger.

Finally, in “Spellbound” Dr. Murchison has retired from his position as head of the Green Manors Mental Asylum, and his replacement, the famous psychiatrist Dr. Edwards, finds himself strangely attracted to the beautiful, but cold, Constance Peterson. However, Dr. Peterson soon realizes that he is a paranoid amnesiac impostor and tries to cure him while attempting to solve the mystery of what happened to the real Dr. Edwards. “Spellbound” is full of classic plot twists and features a riveting dream sequence by Salvador Dali.

All three titles will appear in their original black and white fullscreen formats, with audio presented in their original mono. Neither features nor release dates have been set for the titles yet from Criterion, but all three titles are currently still available from Anchor Bay Entertainment.

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