Columbia is set to release Wish Upon a Star

Originally released as a direct-to-video VHS in 1996, Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment will release the modern-day retelling of the prince and the pauper with their family oriented film Wish Upon a Star.

Seventeen-year-old Alexia hasn’t been herself lately. Neither has fifteen-year-old Hayley. But it’s not puberty that’s causing the commotion. It’s something a bit more complicated. Hayley is an average teenager, a grungy braniac with no fashion sense. The only thing average about her sister Alexia is her grades. But there’s nothing average about the sibling rivalry that explodes when a wish makes them switch places. Hayley is ecstatic: the car keys, the guys, the cool friends – suddenly they’re all hers. And Alexia gets… well, Alexia gets as mad as you’d expect for a pretty and popular teenage girl in this situation. After all, life among the clueless Hayleys of the world is no life for someone blessed with a gift for accessorizing. But after a couple of days in each other’s shoes, Hayley and Alexia begin to understand each other – and themselves – better. Now their biggest problem is finding a way to reverse the wish.

Like the original release, the new DVD will be presented in its original fullscreen aspect ratio and will contain a Dolby Surround audio mix. The new release will contain some new features not previously available with the title. In addition to cast and crew filmographies the disc will contain a new audio commentary by Director Blair Treu and Writer Jessica Barondes.

While hardly a cinematic landmark, “Wish Upon a Star” is a wholesome family movie that teaches the importance of acceptance. The DVD will be available on August 24th for the price of $24.95.

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